Is it Time For a Website Redesign?

By Matt Partridge

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You probably spend a lot of time & money building your current website, a lot of blood, sweat & tears went into making it look exactly how you want it. Just the thought of redesigning your website can be quite a worrying one so we have come up with a few ideas as to why you may want to address the idea of a website revamp.

1) How Well Does Your Current Website Perform?

Anyone that visits your site will expect it load quickly from page to page, it’s the norm for people to demand a web page that loads super quickly. If your site performs badly, users are going to be clicking away in their droves. Let’s focus on a few statistics:

Nearly 50% of people will expect your website to load in less than 2 secs.

39% will abandon it altogether if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. 85% of visitors expect the mobile version to load just as fast, if not faster than the desktop version.

The performance of your website affects two main areas, your conversion rates & your search rankings. This is what Google says on the matter:
“We’re striving to make the whole web fast”
“Google will reduce the number of crawlers it sends to your site if your server is slower than two seconds.”

2) Has Your Website Been Designed With a Mobile-First Approach?

We all know what a responsive website is & this may sound obvious to most but it’s a major factor to consider. Have you really focused on how your users engage with your website & its content on a mobile device? Considering that most of your traffic will come from a smartphone you may need to consider investing some time & money redesigning your site to ensure your customers are getting the best experience possible from mobile devices upwards.

3) How Are Your Search Rankings Looking?

If your site is bloated with unused code, it’s not going to load as quickly as it could. As mentioned above, a slow loading site is going to affect your search rankings. Google will also crawl your code for relevant keywords within title tags, descriptions and your copy. Basic SEO housekeeping such as ensuring all of your title tags are correct & relevant can only have a positive impact on your search rankings. This may not be a redesign as such but checking these elements regularly, it’s a great habit to pick up.

4) How is Your Bounce Rate?

Another healthy habit to get into is checking your bounce rate regularly. Log into Analytics will give you detail insights on your web pages bounce rates. The lower the number the better. A lower bounce rate will indicate that your website is performing well; users are engaging with your content & want to stay. A higher bounce rate suggests that your website may be performing badly, is not trustworthy, looks undesirable or its content is irrelevant. Again, if your bounce rate is high, it may be time to consider that redesign.

Most Important of All, How is Your Website Converting?

This is probably the most important question you should be asking yourself, ‘Is my website converting as well as it could?’ Ensuring your website performs well, you’ve user tested it, A/B tested, your call to actions are all clear & it’s easy for your customers to get from A to B from any device then your conversion rates should be at a healthy level. If you still feel you’re missing out on leads/sales & feel it’s probably is time to redesign your current website we would love to discuss how we can help.

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Article Written by Matt Partridge
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