7 Brilliant Benefits to Hiring a Professional Web Design Company

By Matt Partridge

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We all know that a great website can play a vital role in how successful a business is, especially anyone selling goods and services online. Have you ever considered designing and developing your own?

With so many services out there to build your website and the vast amount of knowledge floating around the internet, it’s not surprising a lot of us have gained a lot of knowledge regarding web design. But no matter how much you may think you know about designing a website a professional web design company is always going to be able to deliver a much better website. When you hire a web design company or marketing agency to build your business’s website you are going to save time, headaches and most importantly generate more revenue. Let’s delve into the some of the benefits as to why you should leave your website design and development to the professionals.

1) You Are Going to Save Stacks of Time

You might have some knowledge of web design but you aren’t going to know enough to build a robust, well-optimised website. This will mean you are going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out why things aren’t working as you wish. Then after spending all of that time working out so many different areas of the design and development process, you end up with a website that isn’t as polished or professional looking as you imagined. If your objective was to save time and to reduce costs you probably won’t be saving or reducing any of either. Consider this.

For every hour you are dedicating on your website you are taking an hour away from what you are good at, developing and improving your business.

2) You Will Remove Reliability Issues

If you did make the website yourself, you are probably going to run into no end of reliability issues. From choosing the best hosting provider to ensuring your site renders correctly on all platforms is a job set out for the professionals.

Every browser has its bugs, are you going to be able to access the back end code of your site and update the relevant code to fix it? You may also have a website that you haven’t touched in months and you go to update a few different elements and you notice your website doesn’t perform anywhere near as it should. With a professional web design company, you are going to get a robust website that can deal with updates and changes.

3) You Will Get a Much Better Design

If you use a ‘drag and drop’ service, you are going to be restricted to a ‘templated design’ your website is going to look everyone else’s and you won’t stand out from the crowd. You are also going to find many UX issues, mobile menus that fail and so much bloat your site takes forever to load are just a couple of issues that would probably crop up.

Your customers want to feel that sense of excitement when they land on your website, getting a professional website designer to build you an original, super slick looking website is always going to stand you head and shoulders above your competition.

4) You’re Going to Get a Faster Website

A professional web design company is going to have a checklist of all the things that need to be done to make your website perform as fast as possible. Compressing images, minimizing HTML & CSS files, routing your site through a CDN and loading parts of your website in an optimised way are just a few of the things that you can expect from a professional web design company.

your websites an investment

" You Should Always See Your Website as an Investment, Not a Cost "

5) Your Site Will be Designed Mobile-First

You may decide to build your website on a desktop computer, you’re probably going to be using something that has a built-in ability to adapt your website to a smaller viewport such as a smartphone. In this day and age, this just doesn’t cut it. Designing your website on a desktop and then scaling down it down for a mobile device is the wrong way round to do things.

Hiring a professional web design company like ourselves will mean that your website will be built mobile-first with every element well thought out and proven techniques applied. You aren’t just going to be left with elements just stretching the full width of the mobile’s screen which is a total cop-out.

6) You Are Going to Improve Trust With Your Websites Visitors

People will always want to know they are dealing with a reputable business and you want to instil trust in your websites visitors as soon as possible. With a website that has been poorly designed and looks shoddy you are only going to put off any potential customers. Hiring the professionals to design your website will mean you are going to get a functional website that your website visitors find a pleasure to use.

7) You Will be Making More Money

With a beautiful looking website that loads fast, that works well across all browsers and devices along with the many other professional touches you can expect you are going to have a recipe for success. Enquiries and leads will increase along with conversion rates.

The other big advantage of a web design company like ourselves is the availability of ongoing support. Once we ‘ve built your website we can offer things like user testing and A/B testing. Listening to the feedback and adapting your website to suit, we can help continuously improve your online success.

These are a few of the brilliant benefits that come with hiring a professional web design company like ourselves so why not get in touch to see how we can improve your online presence?

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Article Written by Matt Partridge
Web Developer & Digital Marketing Specialist

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