3 Top Tips to Increase Conversion Rates on Mobile

By Matt Partridge

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We all know that more people are using their smartphones for online shopping than ever before so for any e-commerce site owner, it’s imperative that you make sure the sales journey is the best user experience possible. If you provide your customers with a smooth, positive & pleasant shopping experience they are more likely to come back & purchase more products whilst also recommending you to friends & family.

There are many areas that you can focus on to improve UX on mobile which in turn will affect conversion rates so we run down three tips that will really help your e-commerce site’s success.

1) Mobile-Friendly Navigation

Providing your customers with a clear, organised & easy to use mobile-friendly navigation will allow your customers to flow through your site with ease. Making it easy for customers to navigate & filter products will also provide a positive experience.

To optimise your menu for mobile even further, setting up user testing where you ask a certain demographic, a selected audience that reflects your customers to find a specific product or certain information will give you valuable information whether sites laid out in the best way possible. If your user testers are struggling to complete the tasks you set out, you can say that improving your navigation is going to help customers shop on your site.

2) The Thumb Zone

You can probably guess what this means if you haven’t heard of it already. It’s the area in which somebody holding a smartphone in their hand can reach with their thumb. It’s going to be around half of the bottom of the screen. You are probably imagining it as you read this!

Consider the important call to action elements, ‘buy now’ & navigational buttons should all be designed to be within this thumb zone. What we would call ‘destructive’ elements such as ‘delete’ or ‘logout’ should really be kept at the top of the screen or out of this thumb zone. Accidentally hitting a destructive element will only infuriate your customer. Chances are they aren’t going to repeat their journey.

The key here is that making it as easy as possible to shop on a mobile with one hand is going to give your conversion rates a healthy boost.

3) Mobile Payment Solutions

Asking a customer to get their wallet or purse out to fill in their card details into your site is a real conversion killer. With customers either being put off by the effort, they have to put in or making a mistake in putting a long card number, cart abandonment is quite common at this stage of the checkout process.

A great fix for this is to incorporate additional payment solutions, ideally Apple Pay or Google Pay. Paypal is another great option for customers as it’s a trusted brand. If a customer already has these solutions set up on their device, it’s going to be a lot more appealing to check out using a simple thumbprint rather than inputting tedious card details. They don’t even need to have their card with them, again another possibility as to why they might not complete the checkout.

If you would like to find out more about how we can assist with your e-commerce strategy, get in touch, we love helping businesses like yours succeed.

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Article Written by Matt Partridge
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